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Enquête réalisée auprès des visiteurs anglophones de Terroir-France

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Commentaires des visiteurs:

11-22-2004 02:07:21 - Yunike: Keep up good work, Terroir France..

11-21-2004 15:04:31 - Bob: I got into wines for health reasons.

11-18-2004 00:23:48 - Katie: I love wine and I love this site. Thanks

11-16-2004 13:08:49 - kristina francisco : studying to become a sommelier.

11-16-2004 08:33:12 - Jay Colonia: cheers France!
thanks for your marvellous selection of great red wines.
greetings from Cologne/L´Allmagne

11-14-2004 17:43:38 - Carmine Paolino: Want to learn more about French wines

11-12-2004 05:33:42 - Tony Hamshere: I have worked in the retail side for ten years. I now run wine tastings

11-11-2004 23:17:43 - kasusan: where can i find coteau du languedoc 1998 - chateau sainte croix?

11-10-2004 14:44:57 - sidney friedman : love bourgognes

11-07-2004 10:56:15 - maura egan: I am very interested in reading and learning more about the wines of france as I am a regular visitor to France

11-04-2004 12:02:06 - RAYNIER Thierry: a very nice web site!!

11-04-2004 10:11:21 - Greg Harrison: Great Site!

11-03-2004 15:46:36 - Joe: I want wine!!!!!!!!

11-01-2004 13:51:29 - david lagos: thank you very much for the web sight i refer to it often

11-01-2004 09:33:42 - Paul Dilks: I bought a St Emilion but coud not find it on your site..Porte du Roy ??

10-30-2004 13:13:41 - Katie Kole: I am currently a student at the California Cullinary Academy, and found your site to help with my class studies. I found your site very helpful and informative. Thank You!

10-30-2004 12:53:41 - D H Morrow: I like French Syrah_Cabernet Malbeck

10-26-2004 06:16:20 - roberta holzer: very informative

10-24-2004 09:25:13 - Tony Vincent:

10-21-2004 08:49:50 - Barry Gallagher: I hope the European wine industry can relax it's regulations to compete with the new world wines and save the smaller vinyards

10-21-2004 03:37:54 - drunky mc drunk: send me some wine! send me some wine as soon as you can for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-19-2004 00:40:37 - Stuart Mcqueen Thonson: The information provided allows me and my staff to attain a better understanding of french wines, and inturn the abililty to sell more effectively

10-18-2004 13:54:06 - Brian Alleeson: Terroir -France is modest in rating itself as very good it is far better than that and has potential to go much higher

10-16-2004 14:35:18 - Alan Laing: Great site - i love burgundies

10-15-2004 18:07:21 - wendy green: i need to know why a certain wine is matched with a certain food. more about the body, aroma and flavor of the wine, the acidity and sweetness, tannic acid levels

10-15-2004 15:43:15 - Christopher Kogler: I'd like to see a vintage chart showing ideal periods for dinkability of the different vintages

10-14-2004 12:01:08 - MAria: the wine industry is excellentin france.

10-13-2004 15:05:25 - Julie Morse: I am taking a sommelier course and found the information needed for a research assignment.

10-12-2004 04:02:10 - Thomas Clayson: Hello!

10-10-2004 22:59:58 - James Zartman: I like the site and the valuable information, but would like to see more indepth information on grape varietals and regions they are used in.

10-07-2004 19:04:13 - Thomas Dorsett: je ne bois que deux verres chaque jour, mais sans ces verres je serais beaucoup moins hereux.

10-06-2004 23:39:00 - Barry J Hopcroft: Thank you for making this poll available. The Clos de Vougeot vineyard white wines are excellent and I would like to know more about the individual growers who produce vines on that estate.

10-04-2004 07:42:07 - Suzanne: Thank you.

09-30-2004 12:07:13 - PAUL MILLS: A very good site. Thanks for the info on monbazillac apellation, juracon, and whites from SW France. I love wine and I love France. As many Americans are a bit perturbed with France for political reasons arising from the Iraq war, I wish to say - for my part - that I think all of these problems, including terrorism, could be settled if we would all get together, drink some great wines, eat some great French food, laugh, bring our families (young and old) and just try to enjoy life together! God wants us to be happy, to love one another and stop this dreadful arguing. So... this American says, LONG LIVE FRANCE & GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES!

09-30-2004 07:44:49 - Geezus: I rock the mike like a vandal, keep it real in the 4-0-3 and rock it to all my people dans la francais. word.

09-27-2004 09:29:06 - M. Smith: I am interested in finding more amenable french wines as they are difficult to know at first glance and so often I will choose wine from a different country

09-23-2004 12:08:28 - Dforcese: Information newsletters most welcome

09-23-2004 05:21:28 - Bjarne Amilon: Ancien de la Bourgogne

09-21-2004 16:09:53 - Mark Mutchler: i purchase wine for a country club, I have a lot to learn yet and I find good information on your site

09-19-2004 13:17:39 - Richard P. Schaffer: Will be traveling soon to France and trying to learn more about the vinyards that we will be visiting.

09-18-2004 01:45:14 - Dr Mark Masento: First visit, very impressed, easy to follow, quick links and easy to read
Will visit very often

09-14-2004 22:46:58 - FGA: Too many wines today have high alcohol contents.This affects negatively the accompaning food

09-12-2004 23:15:46 - Francisco: Thanks for your interest

09-12-2004 13:53:07 - Thomas Farmer: Thank you for helping me find a wine I was very much interested in.
Chateau Castera,Medoc,Bordeaux

09-09-2004 13:14:52 - Bert Verbruggen: i'm new on this site , but i have bookmarked it. succes and i'll be back the next time

09-08-2004 23:08:11 - Don McCoy: Send me some wine!

09-05-2004 09:34:33 - rabi sajrawi: wine is the the heavenly drink on earth

09-03-2004 11:30:17 - chrissie: for more promotion more wine magazine for madia

09-02-2004 14:16:07 - Piotr Budziak: the site is very interesting. helping to classify the knowledge about French wines

09-01-2004 18:24:13 - Michael J . Collins: French winemakers assume that all are informed re: the grape varieties & blend ratios of their wines .Nothing is further from the truth !

09-01-2004 10:29:50 - Juan Serrano: I always check 2 things which I considere important, 1)appellation d'Origine Controlée 2) bottled by own chauteau or domain

08-31-2004 09:40:17 - Eric Perrault: French wine is part of a culture and hystory it's just simply fascinating!

08-25-2004 02:51:17 - Moira McMillan: What an excellent web-site.

08-24-2004 15:06:00 - John Sappington: I wish I knew enough about wine to say something clever.

08-23-2004 11:25:32 - Allan Sacks: Sold retail wines & liquors when I was working.

08-22-2004 01:55:54 - Christian Bryan Yaptangco: This website is awesome and it have given me as a beginner adequate informations about wines, keep it up and more power!


08-18-2004 13:22:30 - Frank Stead: If you do not take my contact details how can you send me my prize if I win

08-17-2004 00:23:37 - EABIN MATHEW: Nice website, like to know more about French wines

08-17-2004 00:07:31 - Faisal: Pictures of The WIne Lables & bottles by region needs to be included, which will provide a clear picture of how the wine will be .

08-16-2004 18:39:54 - Paul Legault: This is a fascinating web site.
I love it
Paul Legault
Vancouver Island, British Columbia,Canada.


08-13-2004 20:48:51 - Mosen Defrawy: Great web site w/ good intro material for a newbie like me. Just reading this stuff makes me smack my palate.

08-13-2004 17:03:24 - jeffrey galloway: I am a sommelier at four seasons miami and i love wine.

08-11-2004 13:57:10 - John Weber: I have favorite wines from each region and change them as I experience better ones. The regions are of the utmost interest to me as well as how each grape exploits them.

08-10-2004 21:13:43 - Al Weigand: Generally buy french wines while in France.

08-09-2004 09:39:16 - Jim Utley: Thank you for the website

08-09-2004 07:15:37 - Alok Chandra: An excellently laid out site, with good cross-referencing - very informative.

08-08-2004 07:37:04 - :): The website is helpfull, because terroir-classification is very complicated without a guide.

08-06-2004 01:10:30 - io: in vino veritas

08-04-2004 20:28:03 - Phil and Grace Ballam: interested in good wine, from France,naturaly !

08-02-2004 10:13:19 - Harry Jones: Excellent and very helpful site.

07-31-2004 00:43:16 - radheshyam: i am a beginner and i love wines

07-30-2004 03:28:26 - rick: Living in France and have a glass or two of wine every night with dinner. Always red and amost always French

07-26-2004 15:30:40 - Greg Harrison: Very informative site!

07-22-2004 12:48:43 - Smitty: This is a very well put together site.

07-20-2004 12:01:25 - Shaun Hood: I work in a wine restaraunt, mainly focusing on California wines. I am however, interested in everything wine.

07-18-2004 19:47:38 - Jerred D. Wolff, PhD: Nice site however I would suggest detailed maps, reviews and even offer pre-buys...Best of Luck.
Jerred D. Wolff

07-15-2004 10:28:05 - thomas malcolm: great website, tryed making wine from the vine in my garden 5 years ago but it tasted like a mix of ginger ale and vinegar, hopefully with the help of the website it will be an english chateauneuf du pape

07-14-2004 23:12:47 - Tamara: It is hard to find resources for our customers that speak at their beginning level. I stumbled upon your website and am grateful for the info. Cannot figure out your company affilitation though...???

07-14-2004 22:34:56 - Thomas Gallant: Thank you!

07-12-2004 21:41:22 - Ray Barton: wonderful

07-12-2004 20:48:23 - Warren Abraham: This is my first visit to your website.

07-10-2004 21:21:08 - prashant: very good site

07-10-2004 17:03:20 - Mimi Boerstling: We've been avid consumers of the wines of Alsace since we spent 2 years living in Chevremont, near Belfort.

07-09-2004 13:44:42 - Jim Vincent: Nice web cite

07-06-2004 14:30:41 - Jon Kragh: Applaud your efforts in doing marketing research to imporve your site...

07-06-2004 07:12:32 - rea: i worked in dubai duty free and i was assigned in wines ill be having a traing this end of july so i need more papers related to wines..i hope i won...tnx

07-02-2004 16:52:49 - Peter Watkins: Very useful site

07-01-2004 10:27:30 - stan moeggenborg: pretty good site

06-27-2004 22:13:36 - ben nivis: I think you have the best wine site on the web. It is packed full of information. The section
on the A.O.C classification system was great.

06-26-2004 21:41:32 - bill james: I have visited your site twice and I would like to see you add more info. instead of refering the reader to a book.

06-24-2004 01:30:49 - Kartik R. Bhat: a very interesting and a site filled with a lot of knowledge.

06-23-2004 13:48:32 - Kristina: Thank you for the excellent information provided on this site.

06-22-2004 18:37:12 - Jon Rupp: Good website. Flows well and has great content.

06-15-2004 21:07:54 - Bush: I like my wine not your wine, but my wine

06-13-2004 05:53:32 - francis: thank you

06-12-2004 01:51:06 - John Colyer: Since Living in Europe for the last 5 years, wine has never tasted better!!!

06-11-2004 22:14:03 - Wayne Sandbulte: Was looking for information on tasting wine while in France. Nice Site

06-11-2004 21:52:30 - Herman Asarnow: Thank you for this site. It is very good, overall.

06-11-2004 03:31:48 - GUO Liang: I am a Marketing researcher about wine. Please send me this book. Thanks a lot!
I really need it.

06-10-2004 23:29:43 - Michael Garrigues: Godd site. Keep up the great work.

06-10-2004 19:28:16 - Michael J. Collins: Interesting web site

06-10-2004 08:35:00 - chander parkash: I would like to have more information about wine making. please send me book-lets/magazines by post to me.

06-10-2004 03:18:52 - polly: wine, cool!!!

06-09-2004 14:34:18 - Brian Steeves: Very well made site. More than enough info to satisfy all levels of wine enthusiasts.

06-09-2004 12:30:30 - agwai chris: very educational site.keep us informed

06-09-2004 10:01:26 - Renee Geel: Wine is part of my and my husband's everyday life. We enjoy it, and we would like to know more about it in terms of good health, proper etiquette and increased enjoyment. Thank you.

06-07-2004 10:38:21 - Shanmugavel: I am just a begineer in wine consumption i require wine made in 1952

06-06-2004 05:16:18 - Torben Balmer: Very good site. I miss some sddresses for wineries to visit.

06-05-2004 12:22:26 - Tim: interesting website

06-01-2004 23:13:28 - Yannick Goldsmith: Very pleasant, short , sharp & to the point ,keep it up!

05-28-2004 10:03:38 - Desmond Ong: Frankly, the best website ob French wines that I have search in the web. Just fabulous. All the information I need to know. Thanks.

05-23-2004 12:44:25 - Hank Barnum: fabulous website

05-20-2004 13:13:15 - Laura Murney: Would like to see a search engine for particular wines or Chateau's in france

05-20-2004 07:59:09 - Jean Claude: I love Wine

05-18-2004 16:47:54 - Robert B. Adams PhD: I would like to have seen a list of Chateaus and their locations.

05-18-2004 10:45:39 - alfred camlleri: this info is very good. keep on going.

05-17-2004 22:09:58 - AlexEvans : More info please!!!!!!

05-17-2004 12:49:20 - Idelle A. Howitt: Wine is the most beautiful four letter word in the English language.

05-07-2004 11:43:11 - Suzanne from Phoenix: Just found your site -- been here about 5 minutes -- looking forward to spending much, much, much more time here!!!!

05-06-2004 12:38:59 - Jaime Guatteri: Thanks!

05-05-2004 11:20:07 - David Wright: Fun and interesting website!

05-04-2004 16:25:00 - Bridget Dyer: This was very informative & easily navigatable. Thanks!

05-03-2004 17:59:38 - Orlens Guerra Lam: French wines are considered as the best

05-01-2004 03:44:50 - spira: I need a user guide for beginners! I need to master the art of wine tasting!

04-29-2004 15:41:40 - Ruth Baldino: I belong to a wkly wine club and enjoy drinking wine as well as visiting wineries

04-26-2004 15:34:22 - mark newman: excellent website

04-23-2004 15:43:20 - Charlie Donaldson: Just stumbled on this site while looking for a list of the 13 grape varieties allowed in CDR.

04-22-2004 16:12:58 - Stanley Shelver: What are the components and percentage of the components that make Flock?

04-20-2004 08:17:00 - Mike: Get drunk daily

04-14-2004 02:48:38 - Michael Ford: Informative web site. Love it

04-14-2004 01:35:56 - David L. Voelker: Very informative

04-10-2004 15:13:10 - Allen Alper: French wines will taste better when the Government of France takes responsibility as a world leader. Yes, this has affected the amount of French wine we buy.

04-10-2004 10:41:30 - Michael J Herring: GREAT Site...Keep up the good work!!!

04-10-2004 09:56:55 - Brian Sauve: excellent site !

04-09-2004 07:21:36 - Betty G: I do inside sales for a food distributor and Im asked frequently by customers on what cheeses works best with what wines. This site has been very helpful.

04-06-2004 10:55:33 - Tony Francis: Your website is interesting. Would like to see more about vintages and new innovations in wine production.

04-06-2004 05:06:13 - Monika Krupski: Thanks! Your site is easy to understand and use to help me convey the information to my team and consumers.

04-03-2004 05:15:13 - Mr G Davies: I would like to find out about a wine called "Revelations"[a French red].

04-03-2004 04:20:55 - charles rohde: nice poll

03-29-2004 19:36:21 - Roman Alsace-Lorraine: GOD BLESS ALSACE-LORRAINE!

03-26-2004 16:18:06 - Dan Soriano: Enjoyed the sight.

03-24-2004 14:51:43 - Gaylord Focker: I love wine, it is the best thing in the world. If it weren't for wine, I would be die. I usually get drunk every night that I drink 1 bottle of wine. I perfer Merlot and Pinot and Champenge. Thank you Corsica for the best wine in the whole damn world. :)

03-22-2004 08:05:50 - Rafael Rocha de Toledo: tks

03-18-2004 21:19:35 - Mike Perez: I'm just begining to explore my wine tasting potential.

03-18-2004 19:21:26 - mitchell capps: i'd like to learn if it it better to blend wines together or ferment them together

03-17-2004 13:30:30 - Alan Burns: I Am going on a business trip to alsace at the end of april and your site is great to get me up to speed on the region thank you

03-16-2004 16:00:17 - Teresa Smith: Thanks for the information . Love to see more on things good to know

03-15-2004 11:00:38 - J. Staraveci: I love Wines, just needing information for my clients to help them

03-15-2004 07:54:41 - Aaron Driver: Is ther a French Wine 'body' which could enable/help a group of independent wine merchants promote regional wines. By help, I mean fund promotions, provide posters, tasting notes, glasses Etc...The same way in which Majestic wines have been helped?

03-14-2004 05:55:41 - ken anderson: you have a wonderful website, very informative

03-14-2004 04:25:18 - lavinhhong: I love wine and women

03-14-2004 02:19:15 - Thomas Bell: I want to learn about French wines

03-11-2004 22:26:49 - mark baker: opened an excellent cotes de rhone and would like more information.also what is the comparable blanc?

03-07-2004 10:37:44 - abhishek kakkar : i want to be one of the few wine butlers . i think this site gives a lot of information on the subject

03-06-2004 11:06:28 - Gloria Randriakoto: This site is very informational

03-04-2004 16:18:48 - bob rohden: very nice sites.

03-02-2004 08:41:05 - Karina: i love this website!

03-01-2004 08:06:53 - Flash Wilson: I love red wine... until now I've largely ignored french wine, because although the experts are there I've only afforded cheap wine (under a fiver) and I find most of them to be fairly bland and characterless so I buy cheaper wine from the new world. However what I truly love is Chateauneuf du Pape and St Emilion, so I have come here looking for more info, and have decided that it's better to buy one good bottle than two or three cheaper ones!

03-01-2004 01:26:51 - terry little: found you site via google for a friend was very surprised when I told him there are Beaujolais Blanc. I further stated that I had assume Beaujolais Blanc existed simply because white wine could be made from red grapes. This he didn't think possible so this morning I was looking for a simple paragraph where it would explain if white wine could be made from red grapes to send to my friend. I found the answer very quickly on your website. Now, I wish to find out which grape is used in amking Beaujolais Blans for when visiting Salon des Vins des Vigerons Independants 22 Fevrier my lack of speaking French did't allow me to ask the Beaujolais Blanc vignerons the type of grape they used.

03-01-2004 00:39:43 - Jean-Michel Omnes: Your site is very informative.

02-28-2004 06:33:50 - mariya : good luck

02-26-2004 18:57:54 - byron wilson: i enjoy this website a great deal.

02-26-2004 13:13:15 - inti: can u send me some information on Cuvee jean paul sec/ Demi Sec and Cuvee jean paul rouge

02-24-2004 20:03:57 - simon angove: great site good infomation

02-23-2004 00:38:11 - Bala: Nice to read. Give more info about health related ans drinking methods (cooler or room temp. or only in special glasses etc.,)

02-19-2004 21:46:04 - claude lalande: I am always looking for information regading wimes, especially unique and good value for the money wines.

02-17-2004 19:38:41 - Michael Krebsbach: I love french wine! my favorite is sancerre.

02-17-2004 16:11:02 - patty riche: great site!

02-17-2004 07:57:28 - Rob Scott: Enjoy your website very much. A little more detail of the types of grapes, and their unique tastes sounds good.

02-13-2004 15:37:54 - George King: Thank you for the service,
French wines are the BEST!

02-11-2004 16:26:08 - dennis gerger: I'm not sure what you mean by terroir-france. I know what terroir is and what france is, but not sure of what you mean.

02-10-2004 23:09:55 - rajesh singh: wine is only wine which is made in France.

02-08-2004 10:56:17 - Katrien Van Strijdonck: on the site in dutch isn't evrything in dutch.Like wine making(the red, white, rose wine) is in englisch.if u want a site in dutch, please take care and see that you translate will be a lot comfortable for other people and me.I've need te make a work of wine and it's easer to see in it's dutch

02-06-2004 17:20:17 - tom barras: Have been a French wine enthusiast for over 20 years, and have visited most of the French wine regions with the exception of one or two. Love the wines and the people!!

02-05-2004 05:51:13 - pnkaj kumar xaxa: i am a hotel managment student so i want to know practically about the french wines because french wines leads in the world .

02-04-2004 19:04:16 - Bob Williams: Actually I only came across your site tonight, so I cannot provide an honest opinon about you site/content.

02-02-2004 20:41:45 - sam davis: any wine from cotes-du -rhone is terrific..
viva lafrance

01-31-2004 15:47:24 - Phil Sharrow: I am a novice wine enjoyer. I need to become more educated with the regions and the grapes that come from those regions, in order to know what to expect from a certain wine.

01-28-2004 10:09:07 - Mr. Big: I would like to be able to submit the name of a wine and get a detail desciption and review.

01-27-2004 10:01:22 - michael: I have linked your site to my wine lecture for my students. Your site provides great information at a comfortable level of learning.

01-26-2004 17:52:04 - Patti Tolar: I have been looking for wines produced from Chateau de Tinge or Chateau de Volan. I am in the US (TEXAS).

01-25-2004 04:39:20 - John Christie: Good site

01-23-2004 17:01:55 - Elsa Garcia: Excellent guide of wines by its regions. Well documented.

01-21-2004 13:14:57 - BenProc: Wine is my hobby. Thanks

01-20-2004 13:41:06 - Ron Kaine: Nice Site, would like to see more in depth on different wines and ratings.

01-19-2004 11:58:58 - George Vierra: In Burgundy, do wine labels have to state alcohol %? Allowed variation?

01-18-2004 19:15:22 - Rod: We will be going to Paris and Normandy this spring. We are looking for local information.

01-17-2004 14:49:38 - nate: Now that I've tasted many different types of wines, I am trying to master my own wine making - and now want to tour wine regions in France, Italy, and California.

01-13-2004 10:20:03 - suman: this site is helpful for hotel industry people &its unique.

01-06-2004 22:01:17 - Philip Arthur Jaeger: Great web site. Thanks.

01-06-2004 16:09:04 - Tore Kristiansen: Norwegian wine agent, importer.

01-06-2004 15:46:55 - Scott Walen: I tend to either buy great inexpensive "deal" wines or splurge on known winners. I am a big Turley fan but am not above admitting that a lot of good wine comes at a good price. I do not collect much as I think it makes a lot more sense to drink it than talk about it.

01-06-2004 03:54:40 - Rosendahl: Particularly interested in the Rhone valley

01-02-2004 11:17:20 - K.S. Raman B.E. M.Sc: I would like to introduce best french wine varieties in India and export back semi finished wines to FRance.
I am looking forward some french wine companies interested in my porject. Regards

12-31-2003 03:26:17 - Simon Brebner : As a South African living in London ,I grew up around the best wine growing regions of the Cape - it is fantastic having the opportunity for international selection ,especially French wine as we did not have that opportunity to buy other wines in South Africa

12-30-2003 19:23:53 - Doug Anderson: I would like to see more in-depth information, particularly about the Rhone, and about the smaller appellations.

12-28-2003 07:49:11 - John Camera: I'd like the site to give more specific information abut vintages and your professional opinions about certain vintages of specific regions and wines from those regions

12-27-2003 08:47:21 - Michael Connelly: Question. Is Merlot supposed to have sediment in it.

12-27-2003 06:18:24 - Anthony Fisher: In my opinion, one of the best ways for the French wine industry to get back in with the Wine Merchants, here in the states anyway, would be to take a page out of the Italian trade book and sponsor some major wine tasting events here. For example, this February the Italian Trade Commission is sponsoring two events (Super Tuscan and Italian Food and Wine) in New York alone. Now if there are currently such trade events planned for the USA this year, your website would be a great place to advertise them.

12-26-2003 15:39:00 - eryl deakin: I prefer french and european wines to new world wines they have more finesse and complexity

12-26-2003 12:17:41 - Daniel: Without a doubt, Bordeaux
is the best. Any added information about their wines is what we are looking for.

12-23-2003 08:39:22 - Mievis Sigi: Nice website!

12-19-2003 20:18:56 - BJ: Enjoy the site, but not being familiar with French geography, language, and wines, I often found myself getting lost and confused while trying to navigate the site

12-15-2003 21:43:37 - Marco Miranda: Nice site! I´d like more in-depth information.

12-15-2003 17:10:59 - Jack Portenier: History of the major wineries and the people involved is quite interesting to me.

12-15-2003 16:06:40 - frankie: mmmmmmmm wine

12-15-2003 08:41:23 - jaspers jos: Nice work, but i would read in in the french language

12-13-2003 01:07:26 - rajesh: hi, french wiones very delicious and good 4r health

12-11-2003 03:11:48 - nishant srivastava: i love this type of information and site very much

12-10-2003 13:28:59 - j tewes: thank you, would love to win book.

12-09-2003 15:00:30 - Yvonne Morris: Great site!!!!

12-08-2003 09:55:34 - Dickie Bird: Very interesting site

12-07-2003 01:20:28 - ashish sehgal: terroir france is one of the good site. i searched this site from google, i like to get more in formation on wines and beverages. thanks for giving good information. if u have some more site regarding his please send information in this add.

12-05-2003 21:05:11 - Andrew: I love French wines, especially from the Rhone region. I'm not an expert but I do love it.

12-05-2003 19:58:46 - Jane Morrison: This is the most helpful & interesting wine site I've ever seen. Was searching to help a friend but it has stimulated my own interest in wine.

12-02-2003 03:32:49 - Jean-luc Le Gateau-Beaumonde: your site is totally it!

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