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Champagne classification

Many winemakers in the world use Champagne to brand their sparkling wines. However there is of course only one real Champagne wine.

In the European Union, only wines coming from the Champagne region can wear the name Champagne on the label.

In the area, 300 established wineries, known as "crus", produce Champagne.

There are basically two different kinds of Champagne.

Vintage: the bottle of Champagne wears a vintage year on the label. However they are not made every year but only when the wine is good enough. They are the best Champagne specially Tête de Cuvée or Premium vintage such as the most famous Dom Perignon.

Non-vintage: they make more than 80 percent of all Champagne bottles. Winemakers mix different harvests from different places. They mature in cellar for 2 to 3 years before going into the market. They should stay in your cellar for one to two years before drinking them.

There are 3 AOC (wine grade classification) in the region :

- Champagne

- Coteaux Champenois (traditional red wine)

- Rosé des Riceys (one of the best french rosé)

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