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Brouilly is the largest wine area in Beaujolais. It covers about 20% of the Beaujolais wine region.

Brouilly and Cote de Brouilly are two different crus.

Cotes de Brouilly grow in the slopes of the hill. Brouilly grow at the bottom.

Brouilly wine is fruity and full of flavor. Wine makers can add other grapes than Gamay into the wine such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligoté and Melon, up to 15%.

Cote de Brouilly is robust and elegant. The wine is more concentrated as the grapes get more sun than the ones at the bottom of the hill.

Brouilly is better when drink young while Cote de Brouilly should mature 4 or 5 years before tasting.

Brouilly wine information :


Appellation Brouilly Controlée

Appellation Cote de Brouilly Controlée

Location: West of Belleville sur Saone. South of Morgon and Moulin à Vent.

Cercié, Saint-Lager, Charentay, Odenas, Saint-Etienne-la-Varenne and Quincié

Soil: Granite, clayey limestone
Size: 1,300 ha (3,200 acres)

5.7 million bottles


White grapes such Chardonnay, aligoté and Melon are allowed up to 15%

Type of wines:

Brouilly: Fruity red wine
Cote de Brouilly: Full body fruity red wine


up to 5 years


Red fruits
Black currant

Brouilly and Food:

Cold meat

Brouilly and Cheese:




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