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Wine making in France

Tasting the wine
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French wine guide



French Wine Regions
In-depth guide to the wine regions of France

Alsace - Bordeaux - Bourgogne (Burgundy) - Champagne - Corsica - Côtes du Rhône - Languedoc-Roussillon - Loire Valley - Provence - South West
New: Macon - Mercurey - List of 100 french terroirs

Grape Varieties
19 grapes to make wine with in France

Red grapes - White grapes

Wine Making
The savoir-faire of the french wine makers explained
Red wine - White wine - Rosé - Composition of wine - all about wine making in France

Wine Classification
Complex because of the rich diversity of the wines in France, here are the keys to the french wine law jungle
Bordeaux - Burgundy - Aoc - all wine grades in France

Wine Tasting / Wine and Food
How to taste wine? What to eat with wine? Which cheese is best with wine?
Tasting the wine - Aromas in wine - Food and wine - Cheese and wine - more about tasting

Legendary Wines
The story of 3 of the most famous wines in France
Chateau Margaux - Pétrus - Romanée Conti

Meet the people who make french wines
Jean-Philippe Delmas, Haut-Brion - Pierre Henry Gagey, Louis Jadot - Etienne Hugel

Wine and Health
1 or 2 glass of wine every day may be good for your health, and is enough!
French paradox - more about wine and health

Wine Glossary
From acidity to yeast, a dictionary to understand the wine jargon

Wine Practical Information
Bottle size - keep wine - best temperature - aromas - food - classification - subscribe to our contributions

French Wine FAQ Frequently asked questions and answers provided by the French Wine Guide.
Most expensive wine - most famous wine - ask your question




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