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What is the most expensive wine in France?  

Question submitted by Yvan Duvant

Most expensive french wines :

1787 Chateau Lafite = $160,000 auction

1945 Mouton Rothschild = $28,750 auction

Romanée Conti = +$3,000 retail

Pétrus = +$1,000 retail

indicative price per bottle

Pétrus and Romanée Conti are the most expensive wines in France.

A bottle of a new Petrus vintage cost about $1,000 minimum.

Pétrus is a winery located in Pomerol, Bordeaux. Petrus is a red wine. Merlot is the dominant grape. Although Petrus does not have any ranking, the quality is the same as any first growth wines from Bordeaux.

The price of a Romanée Conti bottle is often 2 or 3 times higher than Petrus ! Romanée Conti is one of the best red wine in the world.

The winery is located in Cote de Nuits in Burgundy, meaning that winemakers use Pinot Noir grapes. It is probably one of the most traditional wineries in France. Wines are produced in small quantities while the demand is huge.

This is why a bottle of Romanée Conti can cost $3,000 and even more. A bottle of the 1978 vintage was sold $24,000 in an auction.

Other expensive wines are Cheval Blanc in Saint Emilion, Yquem in Sauternes, Margaux, Lafite, Mouton and Haut Brion in Bordeaux, Bellet in Nice, Daumas Gassac in Languedoc and many others.

On September 28th 2006, Mouton Rothschild 1945 became the most expensive vintage. An auctioneer bought 6 magnums bottles for $345,000 and 12 regular bottles for $290,000 bringing the value of Mouton Rothschild 1945 at $28,750 a bottle.

A bottle of Lafite from Bordeaux was sold $160,000 ! This 1787 vintage belonged to Thomas Jefferson. However the wine is not drinkable anymore.

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