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Fleurie stands for "flowery". It perfectly describes what the wine is: spring flowers, charming and elegant.

Fleurie is a very fruity wine.

It is often considered as the Queen of Beaujolais. While Moulin à Vent would be the King.

Fleurie should be drunk young but it can last a few years when the vintage is good.

Fleurie is one of the most expensive Beaujolais wine.


Fleurie wine information :


Appellation Fleurie Controlée

Location: Located between Moulin à Vent and Chiroubles


Soil: Granite 
Size: 875 ha (2,150 acres)

3 million bottles


White grapes such Chardonnay, aligoté and Melon are allowed up to 15%

Type of wines:

Medium body red wine


2 to 5 years

Aromas: Violet
Red fruits
Fleurie and Food:

Quiche lorraine, cheese pie

Fleurie and Cheese:


Saint Nectaire


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