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Wine Bottle Size

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Bottle Size Number of Glasses Comments
Mignonette 5cl to 25cl - Is used as a sample
Piccolo 20cl 1 1/4 of a standard bottle
Chopine 25cl 1.25 1/3 of a standard bottle
Half bottle (or demi) 37.5cl 1.875 Also known as Split or Tenth
Fillette 37.5cl 1.875 Same as Half
In Loire Valley only
Bottle 75cl 3.75 Standard bottle
Magnum 1.5l 7.5 2 standard bottles
Marie-Jeanne or Dame-Jeanne 2.25l 11.25 In some areas it can contain 3l
Double Magnum 3l 15 4 standard bottles
Jeroboam 4.5l 22.5 In Bordeaux
In Burgundy and Champagne, Jeroboam is 3l
First king of Israel
Rehoboam 4.5l 22.5 In Burgundy and Champagne
Son of Solomon and King of Judah
Imperial 6l 30 In Bordeaux
8 standard bottles
Methuselah or Mathusalem 6l 30 In Burgundy and Champagne
Patriarch in the Bible
Salmanazar 9l 45 12 standard bottles
King of Assyria
Balthazar 12l 60 16 standard bottles
Regent of Babylon
Nebuchadnezzar or Nabuchodonosor 15l 75 In Burgundy and Champagne
20 standard bottles
King of Babylon
Melchior 18l 90 In Burgundy and Champagne
24 standard bottles
Solomon 20l 100 Very rare
Sovereign 25l 125 In Champagne, rare

A glass is 20cl of wine (0.21 US quart / 0.42 pint / 6.75 oz)

Liquid measurements
1 liter = 0.26 US gallon / 1.05 US quart / 2.11 pint / 33.8 oz
1 standard bottle (75cl) = 0.2 US gallon / 0.8 US quart / 1.58 pint / 25.35 oz


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