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Question submitted by Christine Brown

Petite Sirah is a cross between 2 other red grapes : Syrah and Peloursin.

Petite Sirah is also called Durif.

Petite Sirah mainly grow in California and in Australia. Originally from France, the grape is not used there any more.

Petite Sirah gives dark wine with flavors of black pepper.

Syrah - notice the Y instead of the I - is a popular and traditional red grape from the Rhone Valley in France. This red grape is called Shiraz in Australia, South Africa and sometimes in the US.

Syrah gives full body and powerful wine, able to mature and age for a long time with flavors of chocolate and black berry.

Peloursin is originally a red grape from the Rhone Valley but could not find any more there. It still grows in a few vineyards in California and Australia.

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