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What wine goes with lobster and why ?

Question submitted by Joe

A food can exagerate or diminish the flavor of a wine. And wine can dominate even a rich dish. Food and wine should combine to contribute to each other.

A red wine has tannins while there is almost no tannin in white wine. Tannic wines are not suitable for delicate and/or salty dishes as they will kill the subtle flavor of the food. Lobster is a delicate and flavorful dish. Therefore lobster needs a white wine to go with. But not the typical dry white wine we use to drink with fish. It needs indeed intense aromas but has to be delicate and subtle.

These white wines combine well with lobster:

- Alsace's Riesling

- Bordeaux' Graves (white wine)

- Burgundy's Chablis, Pouilly Fuissé and Meursault

- Rhone's Hermitage (white wine)

Sweet white wine can also be a good match. Wine shouldn't be too sweet or too fat.

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