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Corsica region information

Corsica island, off the French South coast, is affectionately called "L'île de beauté" (The beautiful island).

Corsica Region Information :

Location: Island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Nice and north of Sardinia
Size: 8,700 km2
Weather: Mediterranean (mild winter hot summer)
Population: roughly 270,000
lowest density of population in France
Main Cities in Corsica:

Ajaccio (55,000)
Bastia (40,000)
Porto-Vecchio (12,000)
Corte (7,000)
Calvi (6,000)

Places of Interest in Corsica:

Sea (calanques, Scandola, Lavezzi islands, diving)
Beach (1,000 km of coast, many tiny beaches)
GR20 trail (trekking in mountain paths)
Trinichellu (typical train)
Food (Brocciu cheese, Corsican sausages and ham, Pulenta)


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