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South West of France wine and food

For most of the people in France, South West means good food!

South West of France Wines and food

Because the wines are so diverse in South West of France, the food that will match these wines will be diverse as well.

Red wines are perfect with local food such as cassoulet or roasted duck.

Dry white wines are very good with river fish (such as trout or salmon) or with white meat.

Sweet white wines match well with Foie gras or as an aperitif.

South West of France wines: 5 wines in the French Wine Guide

Food of South West of France :

People in South West of France love rich and fat food. That's what has been called the "French Paradox". The recipes have always been the same for ages and it seems that world food companies have no power over there!

- Cassoulet (beans and sausages - English are always amazed to see that one of their breakfast favorites is also a very popular diner meal in France ! Actually Cassoulet is Cassoulet and nothing else)
- Ham (from Bayonne)
- Poule au Pot (stuffed hen)
- Poulet Basquaise (Basque style chicken)

Cheeses of South West France :

The region is also a natural place for great cheeses such as

- Roquefort
- Ossau Iraty
- Rocamadour
with Cheese-France, the French Cheese Guide

About the South West wine region :
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Wines from South West of France :
Cahors - Jurançon - Madiran - Bergerac - Monbazillac - Wines from South West

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