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Page 6 of the interview with

Etienne Hugel

Following the introduction of the Vendanges Tardives (late-harvest wines) regulation known as the Hugel Law, do you think that the Alsace wine region must still make an effort towards higher quality?

It is undeniable that late harvest law has encouraged the whole wine region to produce even higher quality wines.

Indisputably, Alsace is going in the right direction: a reduction of output and a trend towards higher quality.

It would be helpful if our fellow compatriots would become more interested in the great wines from the Alsace region. I have the feeling that other countries are more open to our wines than France itself.

What do you recommend to solve the wine crisis in France?

We do not have a crisis at Hugel. We concentrate on making good wine, that's all. To stand up to the competition all you have to do is to make better quality wine ! Competition is healthy. We make 90% of our business abroad. This is the proof that our wines are competitive.

It is a little frustrating in Alsace to see that the region as a whole is not exporting more today than it was 20 years ago, even though more and more extraordinary possibilities exist.

In Alsace we have truly unique wines, and the region itself is really unique. We have all the assets which are just waiting for a little bit of focus to be put on them.

Do you think that a 13th generation of Hugel will succeed you?

I hope so. We do everything we can. We do our duty. Each of us has two children. We have the potential and we hope it will flourish.

Of course, it is my number one challenge to transmit our traditions to the next generation. We will not stop now that we are heading in the right direction.

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Etienne Hugel

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