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First vines were planted in Gaillac during the roman time. A sparkling wine from Gaillac was very famous in the middle-age.

Wine growers still use traditional grape varieties such as Ondenc, Len de l'el and Mauzac in white, Fer, Duras and Braucol in red. They also use typical grapes from Bordeaux such as Cabernet, Merlot and Sauvignon, and from the south such as Syrah and Muscadelle.

The large variety of grapes explains the diversity of Gaillac wines.

Red wines are rustic. White wines are usually dry and aromatic. Sweet wines from Premières Cotes de Gaillac are rich and suave. Sparkling wines are fruity. Rosé wines are light and easy to drink. Gaillac shows in one single area a complete snapshot of the wines from South West of France.

Gaillac wine information :


Appellation Gaillac Controlée

Appellation Premières Cotes de Gaillac Controlée

Appellation Gaillac Mousseux Controlée


In the Tarn district, west of Albi city


73 villages

Soil: Clayey limestone
Size: 2,500 ha (6,200 acres)
Production: 10 million bottles

Grapes in Gaillac:

Duras, Fer, Syrah, Cabernet

Len de l'el, Mauzac, Muscadelle


Type of wines: Rustic red wine
Aromatic white wine
Rich sweet wine
Fruity sparkling wine
Light rosé wine

up to 5 years

White and rosé:
drink young

2006, 2005, 2004

Red: violet, red fruits, licorice
White: flowers,
honey, citrus
Sweet: citrus, fig

Food with Gaillac:

Vegetables (raw)
Veal meat

Cheese with Gaillac:



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