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South West of France wines

The best known terroirs in South West of France are :


Grapes are harvested in the Lot and in the Bergerac, around the town of Cahors. It is a very powerful red wine, often harsh when it is young but remarkable after a few years in bottle.

Côtes de Buzet

Produced in the Lot et Garonne, the Buzet is a red VDQS wine, fruity, light and supple.


Among the best sweet wines, Monbazillac, just like Sauternes and Barsac, must wait for noble-rot before being harvested. Certain years those wines can compare with the models of the type.

Monbazillac are very attractive and flow like gold. With age their colour intensifies and they develop their characteristics.


The sweet Gaillac, drunk soon after the harvest must be distinguished from the Appellation Controlée which is a light white wine. Gaillac also produces sparkling wines and red wine.

Nowadays Gaillac vinegrowers do no more need the appellation Bordeaux, the quality of their wine is sufficient in itself.


In the middle of a region which only produces white wine, Madiran is a sanctuary.

The vinegrowers produce a red wine dotted of a particular character. It is elaborated from quality grape-varieties such as Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. But the most popular variety is Tannat, a typical grape from the aera. Tonic, Madiran keeps very long.


About the South West wine region :
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Wines from South West of France :
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