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Page 4 of the interview with

Pierre-Henry Gagey
Louis Jadot

You took position against genetically modified organisms (GMO) in your vines, can you explain to us your position?

I have always intuitively expressed cautiousness to use GMO in our vineyards. Making wine is not something very difficult. It is just complying with the rules of nature. With the introduction of GMO we take the risk to break the balance and harmony which forged Burgundy during the last two millenniums. I am not in favor to use GMO in our vines and in our fermenting casks. I do not wish in any case to take the risk to be contaminated by a neighbor who would have a different strategy. So I ask scientists to continue their work, to carefully explore what science can bring to us. Perhaps one of these days I will change my opinion. We cannot take the risk to contaminate those who do not want to use any GMO at all. It is freedom that could be called into question by the inappropriate use of GMO.

So, you are sensitive to the protection of our environment, what do you do to protect it?

To produce high-class wines, you need to respect the soil because this alive soil really enables us to produce wine with the unique personality of the terroir it comes from. So, it is essential that the soil and the environment in which we produce our wines are preserved.

We are lucky to have in our team a fantastic wine maker who joined us in 1970 while leaving the school of Davayé. Jacques Lardière is a very enthusiastic guy. He is positive, intuitive, very talented and he has, I believe, an unique vision and understanding of the terroirs in Burgundy. He works a lot with his papillae and his feelings more than with laboratory stuff. He certainly allows us to make wines we can be very proud of.

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Pierre-Henry Gagey
Louis Jadot

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Pierre-Henry Gagey
Maison Louis Jadot



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